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Change File Ownership through X++ in Dynamics AX

This article shows a little trick that might be needed for testing AX AIF file adapter based integration. We all know that how frustrating it can be to setup input file ownership to current AX user while testing otherwise AX will complain about it.

Here is a small static function with filepath as a parameter. This function will set current AX user as the owner of the input file. This function can be called right before the call to fileSystem.ReadFile(filePath) in \Classes\AifFileSystemReceiveAdapter\readFile.

Modify Dynamics AX Standard Excel Import to Include - Update existing records - rule

Sometimes we need to import an excel file that contains existing and new records. With standard Dynamics AX 2009 you don't get an option (import rule) where you can specify ONLY import and update existing records. Below are standard AX excel import rules...

Write into the System Event Viewer from Dynamics AX

This is a very short article which shows how to write any information into the system event viewer. This is something that can be very useful when trying to debug processes such as batches that are difficult to debug. One thing to note is that if the code is running on the AOS the information will be written to the EventViewer on the AOS, just something to keep in mind if you don’t see your message in the EventViewer.